Disaster Relief Trials 2014 Poster

Portland’s own disaster planning documents envision severe rationing of fuel in large scale disasters such as earthquakes, and this reality was one reason for overlaying a disaster theme onto a cargo bike trial. Infrastructure disruption is a staple of major earthquakes, and Portland’s nationally recognized bike “mode split” (percentage of people who ride bikes for transportation) translates to a degree of disaster resiliency few cities can boast of: cracked roads, lack of fuel, and even downed bridges will slow but not halt transportation in Portland. When a major earthquake strikes Portland, for there is truly no question of “if”, bicycles will form a capable adjunct to whatever motorized transport can still function. Cargo bikes will be there as well, distributing supplies, moving patients, and doing other tasks beyond the capability of an ordinary bicycle.

The Disaster Relief Trials is an event in Portland, Oregon that combines cargo bicycles and disaster preparedness. http://drtpdx.org/
First mock-up of the design to get basic elements and balance into place.
Black & White version for coloring and flyer distribution.
Final color version approved by the Art Director.

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